Dear One, thank you for visiting this site, MyMemorial.org.
Take a moment for yourself to grieve the loss of your child or
children and the loss of other relationships, things, issues that have caused you grief.
This memorial service is a special series of audio and videos
I hope will inspire you to let go of your grief and turn your tears into joy.


First accept the Lord who is your healer, Surrender to the Lord’s Will as you cry out to HIM

Pray with this song to surrender to the will of the Father and cry out to him as you simply enjoy the song.
I hope you will listen to this special personal worship time. Let this song become your lasting prayer as you complete this memorial service.

(*Source: Kathi Wilson — ‘I Surrender’ Christian Soaking Praise and Worship Music — Lancaster, PA)

Next can you agree with this statement: I BELIEVE YOU ARE MY HEALER

As part of your memorial service, sing from the depth of your heart – “I believe you are my healer!” Give yourself permission to pray, weep, feel this song as you sing from inside your heart the affirmation that you do believe HE, God is your healer.

(* Source: Hillsong You are my Healer )

Cry out to the LORD for HIS HEALING POWER

(*Source: Seas of Crimson – Paul & Hannah McClure(Bethel Church) )

Then give thanks to the One who is HEALING YOU through this memorial service!

(* Source: Hillsong )


Now take time to pray! The Let Go

Following your personal prayer time, let go.
Bury or burn or throw into the trash, your Broken Heart and if you have lost a child, I want you to light a candle in memory and honor of your child as you say goodbye. Other ideas include planting a tree, creating a photo album of your art or photos you used to think about your baby.

Letting go is the inner action that stops the resisting. This in turn removes the fear, upset, and tunnel vision. Instantly, you restore your ability to see clearly. You become creative and able to discover solutions you could never have seen before. A good way to see how letting go works is to look at the nature of fear.

Fear is a state of mind and is created by resisting a future event. For example, if you have a fear of losing someone, you are resisting the future event called, “losing the person.” The more you resist losing the person, the bigger your fear. The bigger your fear, the more you feel threatened. The more you feel threatened, the more you hang on and push the person away. By resisting the future event, you make the fear come true.

To have any fear lose its power, do the opposite of what creates it. Instead of resisting the future event, be willing for the fear to come true – not in your actions, but in your heart. In your actions, do everything you can to make sure it dosen’t happen, but in my heart, be willing.

The moment you become willing for your fear to come true, the fear loses power. You restore your ability to see clearly and become very effective in handling your situation. Solutions appear and this area of life starts clearing up. This is the purpose and opportunity of having a memorial service and letting go.

Simply for you!


As you pray, listen with your heart to one or all three these special audio tracks. Click to listen!

A Special Message from your Father in Heaven Download MP3

Listen to a special Psalm 23 vignette Download MP3

Listen to a special abortion focused version of “TILLY” a fictional story from the book called “TILLY” by Frank Peritti
Download MP3

For all you have lost!

Now, In Prayer Say Goodbye

For all you have lost!

Now, In Prayer Say Goodbye


Pray Now over the all that you have lost. Prepare to say goodbye to all that has been part of your life until now. If you have been taking our online course or used our workbook, you may have a “Broken Heart” page or you may have been instructed to make a Heritage doll or plant a flower or write a letter to your baby and bury it. If you have anything to “let go” of, then at this time, take a private moment to let go. If you need to bury a letter or tear up your broken heart, do so, and then resume this memorial service.

As you reflect upon all you have experienced, lost, been hurt by, pray allow your tears to flow during this time of of personal prayer.

(*Source: Deep Praying Instrumental YouTube)

Turn your tears of pain into tears of joy!

Turn your MOURNING into JOY!


Finally, turn your tears into praise as you embrace this final worship, a soaking worship.

(*Source: Jenn Johnson Bethel Church)

(*Source: Elevation Worship – Resurrecting (Live))

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MyMemorial © 1987 – present All rights reserved. This memorial service was created as part of the original model of recovery called “Healing the Hurts of Abortion” by Ken Freeman. The Tilly Version was compiled from Frank Peritti’s original 2-sided audio cassette tape published by Focus on the Family with permission for use with this memorial service. Audios are downloadable for personal use only. Do not duplicate or redistribute.